A note from Amanda,

I have been very fortunate to have a wonderful band here in Nashville, TN. When I moved here I knew it would be hard to find the right musical family and right now, we are more like family than any group that I have ever had before! We make it fun and we also take our the music seriously. After all, we are in the music capitol and we never take that for granted! We are truly all friends and I am very thankful for that! Geoff Guthrie has been with me for 6 years on guitar. Jake Burton (my husband) has been with us for over 6 years on drums. Tom Panos has been with us for 4 years on keys. Tyrone Coughlin has been with us almost 2 years on the bass guitar. Here is a little more info on these awesome band members. I could not do it without these guys! - Amanda

If there was ever a person who was destined to have a career in music, his name is Geoff Guthrie. His musical influences started very early with two older brothers, Michael and Herb Guthrie...two thirds of power pop group known as The Michael Guthrie Band...who were playing music before his birth. Mom and Dad recognized some familiar patterns when their 2 year old started beating the pots and pans in time and shortly thereafter rewarded his performance with a drumset. Geoff played along with all the albums that were laying around the house, usually things like the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, etc. played via a plastic record player. “My dad built a pie shaped wooden stage with carpet that went in the corner of my room and that was where the drums were set up. I would turn the record player up loud and jam to records.” At age 5 Geoff played drums along with his brothers in a performance at Columbus College. “I seem to remember it being a great show.” After a while drumming gave way to other non-musical activities but in a few short years he was back at it again. Enter...the guitar. “I barely remember starting to be interested in playing the guitar but the family would go see my brothers play and I always recall thinking how the sounds of the music made me feel.” When I got my first guitar I had fun with it and tried to learn on my own but it was casual for about the first year.” “After the first year, I stumbled on a cheap deal and got a really cool Gibson Les Paul Custom.” “That guitar and the first Jimi Hendrix record changed casual to very diligent practicing and playing.” Fast forward a bit and Guthrie met some kids at school who played music which eventually became his first band experiences. After a variety of different musicians and bands Geoff was starting to hone in on sounds and styles from many different genres. This melting pot of influences has served him well being that Geoff ended up playing in rock and metal groups as well as jazz, fusion, country and blues bands as well. Cover bands as well as original groups were all part of the journey. Teaching guitar lessons for 27 years certainly was reinforcement to the knowledge that Geoff was learning as he was playing live and on the road. “Studying classical guitar at Augusta State University as a guitar major was a great experience that opened my eyes to certain ways of doing things that I still use all the time.” The summer guitar sessions of 2003 and 2006 at the prestigious Berklee College of Music yielded Geoff certificates and awards for musicianship given only to the top 15 out of over 600 enrolled students in the programs as well as a scholarship nomination. After performing with national acts like Foreigner, Kings X, and more in his local town, Guthrie set his sights on a move to Music City, Nashville Tennessee. “Once in Nashville I worked a couple of basic jobs for a period but ended up having an opportunity arise to play a show with Amanda Daughtry.” “I have been in the band ever since.” Geoff Guthrie can currently be seen with Amanda Daughtry on the road or onstage at Nashville’s world famous Lower Broadway Clubs, surprising and astounding audiences with his virtuosity and style.

Tom grew up in the Denver area and performed as a solo pianist until moving to Boston to attend music school. There he was a member of the rock band Dirty Blind, touring with Jefferson Starship and playing venues across the Northeast. In 2014 he made the move to Nashville, TN and has since accompanied many country artists in the downtown honky tonks and on the road.

Jake Burton began drumming "formally" at the age of 7, although he had a drum kit as early as age three. In college, Jake obtained a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering while studying drums and symphonic percussion with St. Louis Symphony veteran Tom Stubbs. Following college, Jake enrolled in the prestigious Drummer's Collective School of Music in New York City, excelling in the Advanced Performance Program. Jake has taught both privately and at the community college level since 1999. He has done session work for various studios in the greater St. Louis, Seattle, New York City, Spokane, and Nashville Metropolitan areas and has opened up for national touring acts such as:

  • Nelly, The Gin Blossoms, Afroman, Presidents of the United States of America, Craig Morgan, Air Supply, Zac Brown Band, Ricochet, Leon Russell, Luke Bryan and more!
Jake won Guitar Center's Drum Off finals in St. Louis in 2002 and has performed live with Kip Winger, Russell Malone, Eddie Daniels, John Stowell, Bryan Davis, and many others. Jake is a member of the American Federation of Musicians (Nashville Local 257), the Nashville Recording Musicians Association (Nashville RMA), the Professional Drum Teachers Guild, the Hudson Music Teacher Integration Program, and the Vic Firth Music Education Team. Jake is the author of the critically acclaimed drumming instructional book Timing Is Everything: A Systematic Approach to Drum Set Fundamentals. He will Marry, Amanda Daughtry in June of 2017 and has been a member of the band for over 4 years!